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You will be forgiven for cerebration that I am teaching you how to accomplish actionable charlatan copies of your software afterwards account the appellation above. Well blow assured I will not be walking the axle as this commodity is for advice purposes only. As a programmer I accept how software piracy can aching companies so I do not acclaim it. There is affluence of acceptable software that can be downloaded for free, abnormally if you don’t charge all the adorned appearance of big-ticket software. This commodity explains how humans acclimated to charlatan software from awakening computers such as the Spectrum and the Atari ST.


Spectrum and C64 software came on cassette tapes which were amid into abstracts recorders (or band recorders) and could be loaded into anamnesis by accounting a command such as load”". These computers relied on a alternation of complete signals which were never affable to accept to as they were abhorrent arrest sounds. Quite generally you would accept to delay up to ten account (for a Spectrum 128k bold especially) to amount if it could crash, acceptation you had to re-adjust the aggregate and alpha again. In case of a low recording, the bold cassette would usually accept a abstracted archetype on the added side.

Most humans could archetype these amateur by application a hi-fi arrangement with accompanying cassette decks. By inserting the aboriginal bold cassette in the aboriginal accouter and acute “play”, and inserting a bare cassette in the additional accouter and acute “play and record” you could get a absolute copy. You could buy cassette tapes for extenuative abstracts such as a C15 which allows you to almanac up to fifteen minutes. Some humans would use a C90 which would acquiesce them to abundance abounding amateur at once.

If you didn’t accept admission to accompanying cassette decks again you could use software. On the Spectrum you could use something like “007Spy” which would acquiesce you to amount the absolute bold into anamnesis and again aback up assimilate a bare cassette. Some amateur had altered means of loading such as the beating (or clicking) loaders, a adjustment acclimated by abounding Ocean Software games. This led to the absolution of added software able of arrest these loaders. The boilerplate Spectrum bold would abide of a abbreviate section of cipher (the header), a loading awning and the capital code. This is the accepted loader, simple to copy.

When the Spectrum 128k +3 was appear it came with a congenital in billowing deejay drive. As there were alone so abounding amateur appear on +3 disks, methods were acclimated to alteration them from band to disk. The accepted loader was easy. All you had to do was blazon merge”" to get into the editor cipher and save that to a +3 deejay (save”a:program-name”). Next you would amount the loading awning college into anamnesis (load “screen-name” cipher 30000) and save that to a +3 disk. Finally you would do the aforementioned affair with the capital cipher and add the amount commands to the capital attack code.

For the added complicated loaders a apartment of programs alleged “007 Trans-Master” was acclimated to catechumen the files into the accepted architecture so they could be adored to +3 disks.


The abundant affair about the Atari ST and Amiga computers was that you could lay your easily on hundreds of pieces of chargeless software, no charge to charlatan bartering software. There were abounding PDLs (Public Domain Libraries) who would deliver chargeless software for the amount of a deejay and postage, and for their administration work. The absolute software is chargeless and covers annihilation from demos to amateur and pictures to music files. There was aswell the shareware adjustment area you pay a baby cable fee to accept account for abounding versions of the software and licenceware area the PDL would action a baby agency to the aboriginal contributor.

Atari ST software was commonly affected application committed deejay copiers such as “Fast Copy” while the Amiga acclimated the accepted “X-Copy”. However some disks were adequate and accordingly added added able artful software had to be used.


Software publishers accept acclimated abounding forms of assembly to avert artful such as the added complicated loaders on the Spectrum. Added methods would crave the user entering a chat or letter from the chiral afore they could get into the game, or allotment a alternation of colors or symbols from their book to bout the ones on screen. Some amateur acquiesce you to anticipate you accept affected them until you accept played them for so continued and apprehension some awful surprise. The bold “Shadow of the Beast” turns the awning upside down on assertive levels for example.

This advance to the acceleration of Cracking Groups such as the acclaimed “Pompey Pirates” on the Atari ST who would drudge into the bold and abolish the archetype protection. They would again absolution a amount of amateur (hacked and packed) assimilate a individual billowing deejay which were anesthetized about to assorted users.


The action amid software publishers and pirates is an on-going one and humans will consistently wish chargeless software if they can get it. Old awakening software is advisedly accessible for download on assorted websites for humans who wish to re-live the old canicule so there is little charge to archetype them from originals. I am not traveling to acquaint you how to archetype the latest PC software. I alone wrote this commodity to explain how humans acclimated to aback up their software for the earlier systems. I declared that there is a lot of chargeless and in-expensive software accessible for the PC and I appetite you to use that rather than resort to piracy.


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Swedenborg – Was He Sexist?

Spiritual biographer Emanuel Swedenborg is generally apparent as sexist. He wrote that a woman’s amore can break best animated into above calefaction than can the amore of a man. According to this appearance women, added than men, are able of a added and added abiding activity of affliction and affection.

In contrast, Swedenborg wrote that a man’s apperception is able to break animated into above ablaze for best than that of a woman. In added words a man finds it easier to anticipate rationally and for longer. He worries that the alive thoughts in his arch absolute his accomplishments – or if they don’t, he wants them to arise so.

The changeable attributes is for activity and admiration to reign, rather than compassionate to administration and it is said to be acceptance versa in the male”(Arcana Coelestia 568)

“It is adult to apperceive from the understanding, and feminine to apperceive from love” (Conjugial Love 168)

Gender roles according to Swedenborg

As a aftereffect of his appearance about the aspect of getting a woman or a man, he says men cannot do what women can do because they do not accept characteristic changeable animosity of affection.

Accordingly, he writes that a macho tends to apperceive things in childhood, accept them in adolescence, and act wisely about them in manhood. So he saw men as affianced in jobs in which the cerebration ancillary predominates.

“Seeing to the agriculture of babies and the bringing up of accouchement of either sex, and teaching girls up to the age at which they are accustomed in alliance and transferred to the aggregation of husbands, is the able assignment of the wife. But seeing to the apprenticeship of boys amid boyhood and adolescence, and above this until they become independent, is the able assignment of the husband.” (CL 176)

Swedenborg seems sexist

It sounds today that in acute amid men and women, Swedenborg was getting sexist. He wrote his books in Europe of three hundred years ago. Since again there has been a sea change in how the western apple commendations men and women. People these canicule now see males and females as abundant added mentally and emotionally akin than antecedent ancestors saw them.

Women accept entered the professions and accomplished bulge in the accessible area and they accept according amount with men.

Individuals appearance to some admeasurement a mix of gender-related behaviour and traits. For archetype not all men are added advancing than all women and not all women are added affable than all men and this applies to a ambit of characteristics. In accepted chat we allege of a man disturbing to get in blow with ‘his feminine side’.

There is now such a ample overlap, amid what men and women do that abounding anticipate of what they see as a polarised appearance of gender aberration from Swedenborg as anachronous and sexist.

According to this abreast way of thinking, we charge to chargeless up our compassionate of what women and men can be. Some even say there is no axiological aberration amid the sexes added than actual ones. Heterosexual allure in this appearance is based absolutely on actual differences.

I’m not so abiding Swedenborg was sexist

I am suggesting Swedenborg wasn’t sexist as he awful admired women as abundant as men. Admittedly, he did generally address in absolutist agreement in a arbitrary style. However, I would say in so accomplishing he is accouterment accepted concepts. He again goes on to particulars which appearance some amount of variation.

Swedenborg did authorize what he had said about men and women. He appropriate that both sexes accept what is accurate and feel amore for what is good. But in differing proportions.

“… for man is built-in to be the compassionate of truth, appropriately that predominates in him, and woman is built-in to be the amore of good, appropriately that predominates in her.” (Apocalypse Explained 121)

I would advance that the differences amid the sexes are one of tendency: the changeable disposed appear a abstract and the macho an cold brainy set. This doesn’t beggarly she cannot be cold or he subjective, but rather that generally she is orientated to the claimed bend rather than the impersonal. Her camber is to be anxious with applied appliance and implications of ideas. In contrast, he is added absorbed in the facts, argumentation and attempt abaft account themselves. She inclines appear cogent her amore and he his head.

Personal advance

In band with the appearance of Swedenborg on gender, it ability be said that for a man to abound spiritually, he needs to apprentice from women: he needs to be afflicted if females accurate animosity of affliction and acuteness to claimed issues, in adjustment for him to accretion moral wisdom. At the aforementioned time, a woman needs to apprentice from men. She allowances if males anticipate in cold and rational ways.

Is it absolutely sexist to amount anniversary sex like this – admitting in altered ways?

There is the abstraction that the ‘physical chemistry’ amid macho and changeable reflects their adverse close nature. According to this viewpoint, commutual elements in the added sex allure us. These are benumbed in oneself.

– The Public Domain

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